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Masonic Rituals & Symbols - Knights Templar - Knights Templar & Jesus Christ - John Robinson's three books on the Freemasons - Knights Templar and the Holy Grail - Masons maligned - Freemasons - Masonic Reading List - The Primitive Rule of the Templars

Knights Templar

The Knights Templar and Their Myth The Knights Templar and Their Myth
by Peter Partner
Our Price: $10.36 Paperback (1990)
A systematic examination of the Knights Templar around whom such great magical myths have arisen...   Partner has created a rational, terrifying picture of the barbaric times when popes were cruel and kings killed with impunity...  Excellent work.
London Times Literary Supplement
An excellent argumentative discussion...often original and always fascinating.

Religious Studies Review
Illuminating and very well written... enlightening and entertaining.

Book Description
This widely praised study of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar examines the fabrications and illusions about the Order, from the Renaissance magicians to varieties of Templarism in our own time.

About the Author
Peter Partner, Ph.D. is the author of several books and articles on medieval and Renaissance history.   He has worked as a journalist in Italy, the Middle East, and North Africa, and has taught at Winchester College (England) since 1955.    The Knights Templar and Their Myth will be advertised to the book trade in Publishers Weekly and in distributor publications, and to consumers in such publications as Gnosis and others.

Customer Comments from tri state area , January 7, 1999
Templar Knights,pathos,spoils:How Triumph ,Naught Sweet
From the gates, references say :are the gold and silver of the Hebrews.  Traveling through places of Sevice to fighting toward Napolean's Malta, All over...  Hemmingway could probably scrape the grizzle of blood, blood money and doing the thinking for so many so hapless, unable, needy.

A reader from St. Louis, Missouri , July 13, 1998
Novel, but not for beginners
This is a great book offering new insights into the evolution of the Templar mythos; however, it requires a fairly thorough understanding of the history of the time period.    Partner frequently names people and events without providing sufficient background.   I also wish he had been a bit more thorough in the second part of the book.   That said, it's worth reading as he does provide views and evidence that won't be found in another single source.

A reader , December 17, 1996
The real story of how the life and deaths of the Templars.    Taking a critical look at the slow and saddening destruction of the Templars, Partner removes the veil of superstition and occultism that has surrounded this knightly order for decades.    It is a refreshing look at a disconcerting trend - the acceptance of history written by the winners.   Too many New Age references casually mention Templars as having secret knowledge, and too many fundamentalists point to the Templars (and Masons, who have their roots in the Knights Templar) as signs of occult influence.    The answer would not please either side: The Knights Templar were an ostracized group of warriors who were treated in a similar fashion to Vietnam veterans - losing a war is bad for business, and in the Templar's case, fatal.
The Templars: Knights of God The Templars: Knights of God
by Edward Burman
Our Price: $10.36 Paperback (1990)
Factual account of Templar rise and fall.   If you want to read an extended dissertation on the Templars - then this is worth a look.   The only criticism I have is that it is too conservative and skims over the extensive myths surrounding the Templars.   Although it seems well researched - it almost totally ignores the more esoteric tales of the knights.    If you want to read about the knights, the grail and mysticism..... then look elsewhere.
The Trial of the Templars The Trial of the Templars
by Malcolm Barber
Our Price: $10.36 Paperback (1993)
A detailed account of the ordeal of the French Templars -- arrested, tried and executed from 1307-1314 for heretical crimes during the Inquisition.   Although their confessions were extracted under torture, a number of the brothers survived to defend their Order until 1314.

Customer Comments
 from Leeds, England , May 31, 1998
accurate, realistic - the perfect summary of evidence
Barber's "Trial of the Templars" is to my knowledge by far the best (and almost the only) serious piece of historical research in English this century into the Order's trial.   Although the wealth of detail can at times be overwhelming, close attention rewards the reader with an objective answer to the ridiculous hysteria which has grown up around the Order's demise.   Barber's close attention to contemporary documents gives his conclusions a firm factual basis - something the conspiracy nuts who are so attracted to this subject would be well advised to take note of.   As a companion to his "The New Knighthood", "Trial..." gives what is likely to remain (Barring the discovery of the Templar archive) the best summary in English of the available evidence.   Final verdict?   Essential to anyone actually interested in the truth about the Templar affair ie: as an example of the growth of the power of the nation state and the history of propaganda.

 from Webster Groves, Missouri , March 23, 1998
The destruction of the Militum Christi
Malcolm Barber examines the trial and supression of the Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Knights Templars, as the trial unfolded in France and other countries.   The account of the positional jockeying between the French King Philip IV and Pope Clement V is fascinating.   Professor Barber is detailed and scholarly, but he has an absorbing story to tell and he is a wonderful story-teller.
A History of the Order of the Temple The New Knighthood:
A History of the Order of the Temple
(Studies in Australian History)
by Malcolm Barber
Our Price: $10.36 Paperback (1995)
Founded in 1119 to protect pilgrims in Jerusalem, the Order of the Temple developed into one of the most influential corporations in the medieval world.   This complete account separates myth from history in spanning the Order's origins and development through its suppression and afterlife.

Customer Comments
 from Los Angeles , August 22, 1998
The New Knighthood is a fine book.   I found The New Knighthood to be a well researched, succinct and very readable book.   The author is carefull to walk the fine line between popular non-fiction and scholarly research works.    Copious information is presented in a manner that while complex is seldom dull and never boring.   Of its 420 pages 104 are of notes and sources. The typeface is readable and the paper quality is so-so.   If you must have only one book on the knights of Christ I think you could do worse than this one.   Don't choose poorly.

 from Webster Groves, Missouri , March 10, 1998
The definitive history of the Templars.  This books chronicles the history of the Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon from their founding to their supression and down to the present day.   Along with Templar history, Professor Barber provides us with detailed looks at the daily lives and commercial activities of these legendary knights of Christ.   It would be difficult to imagine a history of the Templars done any better than this.   Barber's tone is judicious and restrained and, unlike far too many writers on this subject, does not get carried away.    And he neatly demolishes all the survival myths and secret society stories that have grown up around the Templars.   An essential book.

 from Seattle, WA , February 20, 1998
A decent history of the Order.
A fairly well done text on the Order.   There is some excellent information tucked away in this book. Unfortunately is is obscured by a slighty confusing lay out.    The reward is worth the effort though.   This is best described as a good companion piece for other Templar research sources.

A reader , September 17, 1996
I also rate this book highly but must warn you of the bascharf review because that reviewer is a pinhead.

A reader , September 17, 1996
My mom's poundcake; heavy, dry and tasty when swallowed.
From the onset the true adventure of the book is if the reader can avoid the pitfalls of Orpheus' sleepy ways, while trying to manage the esoteric terrain Malcolm puts forth.    Beyond this though the book is the final source for information on the ill-fated Order.   Malcolm's objectivity is his forte; it leaves the reader to assess moral value to the barbacity of the Normans, Seljuks and Fatimids.   I liken Malcolm to a cousin of mine who I watched sporting events with and could never tell what side he was on.   I guess thats what a reader should do.

Rule of the Templars:
The French Text of the Rule of the Order of Knights Templar

by J. M. Upton-Ward
Our Price: $24.80 Paperback (1997)

See The Rules here

 from Seattle, WA , February 20, 1998
By far the very best of Knights Templar texts.   J.M. Upton-Ward has earned my eternal respect for the work presented here.   The Rule, so vital to understanding the Order is clearly layed out and explained.    Additional information is also included making this the one "must own" book for Templar scholars.

 from Pasadena, California , November 24, 1997
A vital primary source document for study of the Templars.   This document is extremely difficult to find in English.   It gives a great view into the thinking processes and fears of the religious classes during the Crusades.    Every medievalist should have a copy of this hard to find document in his personal library.

 from Maryland , November 17, 1997
This is a must-have for understanding the Military Orders.    This is an essential book for readers who wish to understand not only the Templars, but also Outremer in the 11th and 12th Century.   Upton-Ward's introduction helps to place the various part of the Rule into their historical period thus showing the reader how the Order changed over time.   And how the Rules of the Order made possible the great defeat at Hattin in 1187.   It is good to have this important work widely available again.

The History of the Knights Templars The History of the Knights Templars
by Charles G. Addison, David Hatcher Childress
Our Price: $13.56 Paperback (1997)
Great book for the beginner in History of the Knights Templar.  This book is full of history of the Order of the Knights Templar.   Addison goes into some deep history of the Templars and the Times they lived in right up to the suppression of the order.   He also sets up a basis for the fact that the Templars did not all 'go away' after thier suppression but lived on in countries where Phillip and Pope Clement V could not touch them.   This book is great to start on your journey to find the truth about this order of Knights.


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