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Knights Templar & Jesus Christ

In a remarkable achievement of historical detective work that is destined to become a classic, authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince delve into the mysterious world of the Freemasons, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the occult to discover the truth behind an underground religion with roots in the first century that survives even today.    Chronicling their fascinating quest for truth through time and space, the authors reveal an astonishing new view of the real motives and character of the founder of Christianity, as well as the actual historical -- and revelatory -- roles of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene.   Painstakingly researched and thoroughly documented, The Templar Revelation presents a secret history, preserved through the centuries but encoded in works of art and even in the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe, whose final chapter could shatter the foundation of the Christian Church.

In the tradition of the bestselling "The Sign and the Seal" and "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", this daring investigation exposes the existence of a secret religion whose teachings challenge the Church's assumptions about the identity of the true Messiah.
One hundred years ago, an amateur was allowed to photograph the Shroud of Turin.   The negatives he produced of that famous image captivated the Christian world and strengthened their belief that it carried the imprint of Christ's face and body.   In The Second Messiah, authors Knight and Lomas, who are Freemasons, build a meticulous case against this theory. Although they use recent scientific data that proves the linen shroud could not have predated medieval times, they go well beyond proving it is not the burial shroud of Jesus.   The Second Messiah not only pinpoints the exact moment in history during which the Shroud of Turin took the imprint, it actually names the man whose image the Shroud holds.  Like any good mystery story, this one begins in medias res.   The opening chapters recount centuries of suppression of certain "truths" of Freemasonry by the English Grand Lodge, which led the authors to believe that secrets were being kept from other Freemasons in the service of a Christian agenda.   To the uninitiated, this might seem like petty in-fighting within the membership of a clandestine club.    Read on.   The authors soon paint a larger history of the Knights Templar, the Crusaders who were the originators of modern Freemasonry, and their oppression and eventual eradication by the Roman Catholic Church.   The torture and martyrdom of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, are at the center of this remarkable book's search for historical authenticity.   In their introduction, the authors propose that "History seems not so much a record of past events, more a catalogue of preferred beliefs expounded by people who have a vested interest."   One of their purposes in writing this book is to show how Freemasonry's rituals and secrets were twisted and used by the Catholic Church to persecute the Knights Templar and their followers.   The chapter entitled "The Tarot and the Templars" fascinates with its explanation of how the allegorical cards were used by the Knights to instruct members in the secrets of Freemasonry, and how the Church misinterpreted the meanings of the Tarot and outlawed it.    At the conclusion of their well-documented search for the origins of the Shroud of Turin and the Great Secret of Freemasonry, Knight and Lomas say they reached a "new vantage point," from which they see "people huddled together with their eyes squeezed shut _ all facing inwards and repeating the same words, "This is the only high ground, there can be no other.""   After publication of this painstakingly researched and utterly convincing book, it will be hard for readers, Freemasons or otherwise, to keep their eyes and their minds closed.

Is the Shroud of Turin genuine?   For almost seven and a half centuries a piece of cloth was venerated because it bore the image of the crucified Christ, but in 1988 results of carbon dating showed that the fabric could not pre-date 1260.   Now new evidence conclusively proves that it is not a fake... yet neither is it the image of Jesus Christ.    Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas have been able to identify precisely where and when the shroud came into existence and to name the people involved.    Using the latest scientific techniques they explain the strange molecular chemistry that created this unique artefact.   In solving the riddle of the shroud this book unravels a far deeper mystery: how this medieval artefact links directly to Jesus.

When the authors, both Masons, set out to find the origins of the Freemasonry they had no idea they would find themselves unravelling the true story of Jesus Christ and the original Jerusalem Church.    Their startling and unexpected conclusions are presented here -- backed by rigorous analyses of ancient Egyptian records, the Old and New Testaments, early Christian and Rabbinical texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the rituals of Freemasonry.
The Tomb of God The Tomb of God:
The Body of Jesus and the Solution to a 2,000-Year-Old Mystery

by Richard. Andrews, Paul Schellenberger
A Great Historical Detective Story.    This book has a great deal for the Thinking Man and Woman: Buried Treasure maps disguised as Old Master Paintings and Ancient Parchment Texts.   Shadowy figures with roots in ancient history -- The Priory of Sion, The Rosicrucians, The Gnostics, The Cathars, The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, The Celestines, The Merovingians, The Visigoths, The Romans, The Earliest Christian-Jews -- all with profound secrets to hide.   All with religious and political axes to grind.   A theory of the burial of the remains of Jesus Christ! and the relocation of his bloodline through Mary Magdalene in the Languedoc region of Southern France.   A poor village priest suddenly made wealthy by his discoveries: perhaps with hush-money, and perhaps by blackmailing the Church.   The Languedoc where Pontius Pilate and the descendants of Herod the King were exiled in dishonour: the region that has Harbord heretics ever since the adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire.   What else from the tunnels under Jerusalem's Temple of Solomon is buried there in France at the rediscovered "Site" on the Rose Line -- a line of longitude passing right through Paris.   Is the tomb of Jesus on a mountainside near the notorious Visigoth mountain village of Rennes-le-Chateau?   All this in the Tomb of God and more.  This is one of the few books I've read for the second time -- right after the first.   For those who are geometry buffs, the authors explain in detail how they analysed paintings and texts for hidden map geometry -- "The Geometry" -- known for centuries only to the cognoscenti, supposedly those descended from refugees from the Holy Land who migrated to S. France after Jesus was crucified.   However, the geometric arguments are quite involved and best skimmed over for the first reading, until the reader gets a handle on the enormous scope of the secrets revealed in this book.    I have spent many pleasant hours studying the geometric arguments which lead to the stunning revelation of an enormous Star of David laid out on the map of the countryside of S. France -- all defined by the building of ancient churches, chateaus, and stone crosses -- all in conformance with "The Geometry" which is contained in its earliest manifestation in a "map within a map" -- that of the Jerusalem of the Knights Templar in the 1300's.   At the center of it all?   After three years' research the authors are convinced that they have located the buried remains of Jesus, and they call for the immediate excavation of "The Site" -- a colossal undertaking of mining engineering that will require the sanction of the government of France among others.   Now that there is no fear of being tortured and burned at the stake by an Inquisition, all this is coming out -- beginning quietly in the 1890's and culminating recently in a miniseries on BBC and a number of books of which this is arguably the best. The authors propound a religious approach to Christianity in conflict with the received wisdom preached for centuries by both Catholics and Protestants.    The authors make a plausible claim to have found Le Sang Reale -- The San Graal -- The Holy Grail of song and story.   I'll be studying and referring to this work for the foreseeable future.   Highly recommended to the intellectually inclined.    The book is handsomely printed, with many pictures, drawings, color plates, and even a fold-out map.

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