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Freemasons maligned

Masonic Rituals & Symbols - Knights Templar - Knights Templar & Jesus Christ - John Robinson's three books on the Freemasons - Knights Templar and the Holy Grail - Masons maligned - Freemasons - Masonic Reading List - The Primitive Rule of the Templars

Masons maligned

The Boy Who Cried Wolf:
The Book That Breaks Masonic Silence

by Richard P. Thorn

As the religious right spreads its influence throughout the U.S., it is inevitable that some of its more provocative speakers should tread on the toes of other groups, both religious and nonreligious.   In Thorn's case, the fundamentalists have met their match.   Thorn attacks the critics of Masonry, showing where they err in their assumptions and providing some good insights into the nature of the Masons' "secret" society.   He also draws on his own fundamentalist background to explain the theology behind the fundamentalist statements.    Thorn acknowledges that he may not change anyone's mind, but he feels that Masonry stands at a crucial point and that its future may depend on how it meets the fundamentalist attack.   This book is recommended for those interested in the influence and place of religion in the world. Mary Deeley
Copyright© 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved
Masonic tradition opposes discussion of religious issues in the Lodge and asks members to avoid argument with those who attack the Order.   Here, a Mason rebuts the five charges of Southern Baptist fundamentalists against Freemasonry.   Dr. Thorn, who has a fundamentalist background, refutes all accusations and reveals a justifiable secret society dedicated to brotherhood, relief, and truth.

While history reveals numerous attacks against Freemasonry since its founding, some of the most potentially damning assaults in this century have been launched in the last two or three years.   Religious leaders, such as Ron Carlson and Pat Robertson, have singled out the Order for attack.   Basing his premise on a misrepresentation of Masonic texts, Carlson has convinced many of his followers that Freemasonry is rooted in heresy.   Masons, who have traditionally chosen to remain silent in the face of criticism - no matter who the detractors were, what their motives were, or the stakes involved - have generally proved to be an easy target.   In The Boy Who Cried Wolf Richard P. Thorn, M.D., shows that the current charges against Masonry come not from ignorance but deliberate misrepresentation.   And he is convinced that it is the duty of Freemasons not to turn the other cheek this time but to set the record straight.    Using the same texts on which Carlson bases his accusations, Dr. Thorn demonstrates, point by point, how the material has been deliberately manipulated and misquoted to denounce the Order.   Thorn proves that conflicts between Freemasonry and religious beliefs are pure fabrication.   He unequivocally refutes such nonsensical and fraudulant charges (which have unjustly garnered attention in recent times) as Freemasonry was instituted as a religion; it has its origin in the Mystery cults, and its members are taught to practice sun worship, nature worship, and astrology; it is a secret society; and Freemasons believe that good works are a substitute for faith in a Supreme Deity.   Dr. Thorn ably demonstrates through his compassionate defense that Freemasons are commanded to act in a spirit of reconciliation rather than division, following the Masonic principles of Brotherhood, Relief, and Truth.

Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star
by Cathy Burns

You will learn about their secret passwords, symbols, colors, flowers, gems, and a Goddess connection.   Also included is a special chapter on the Rainbow Girls and the hidden meaning behind the lambskin apron.

Customer Comments
A reader from Texas , February 22, 1999
Excellent book gets right to the grind stones
this is a great book   I'm a Mason and this is explained in great detail I love it keep on writing those great books I give it 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reader from Houston, Texas , June 16, 1998
This book is sensationalism at it's worst!   While this book may be well researched, the author's deductions are based on her own religious bias and have absolutely nothing to do with fact.   She seems unable to distinguish between symbolism and Satanism and is obviously under the impression that anything not taught directly from the Bible must, therefore, be Satanic in origin.   This book ultimately is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to justify the author's pre-determined conclusions, as is another of her books wherein she concludes that Alcoholics Anon is also occult-based and Satanic.   Don't waste your money on this book.

A reader from Tom Connors, Boston, Mass , January 8, 1998
Well researched but conclusions have agenda.
This book is extensively researched and well documented with exacting footnotes and a through bibliography.   It is factual in that the details of Eastern Star and other organizations are quite well presented.   However, the conclusions drawn are not accurate and misleading. The author make great leaps to connect Eastern Star with occultism and Satan worship – obviously with a preordained agenda to discredit Eastern Star and the Masonic family as anti-Christian.   An example is the “White Light” symbol represented by the Bible from the International Order of Rainbow for Girls ritual (which is also covered in this book.).   Ms. Burns immediately links it to White Magic and other occult references.   She fails to accept that all symbolism is not necessarily linked, that moral value can be taught by non-Biblical allusions, and that secrecy can not mean only privacy.   This book is for fundamentalists who want reinforcement of their existing beliefs or for the Masonic family reader who wants a rounded library, a better understanding of fundamentalist anti-Masonic thinking, or information on non-Masonic symbolism through the ages.
John Ankerberg and John Weldon discuss the influence of the powerful, centuries-old fraternal order known as the Masonic Lodge.    Masonry claims that it is not a religion and that it does not conflict with any religion. But is this true?.

Customer Comments
A reader from Moreno Valley, California , June 15, 1999
Ankerberg, selling his own agenda
I started to read the book in hopes of finding out more about Freemasonry. I soon found out that Mr. Ankergerg simply put Masonry on a hit list.   He is not an expert on Masonry and in fact makes up much of what he writes about the Fraternity..  I wonder how someone who is so full of hate can consider himself a man of God?   A much better and factual book on Freemasonry would be "Born In Blood" by John J. Robinson.
Sincerely & Respectfully Bro. Manny Blanco Moreno Valley Lodge # 804 Moreno Valley, CA

A reader from Texas , October 2, 1998
Ankerberg strikes again.
John Ankerberg is a master of destruction against virtually every institution except his special outlook an Christianity.   This book, like his whole series, takes ideas and presents them completely out of context.   If your a hate monger, this books for you.

A reader from Michigan , July 4, 1998
This book is more fiction than anything.   About the only thing from Ankerberg that is not a lie is his name.

A reader from York PA USA , January 10, 1998
Masonry called to question
John Ankerberg would have a good book here if he did not overstate and dramatise.    Some of his teachings talk about the fringe of masonry that the main line does not subscribe to.   Thus this is not a good text for those who are trying to liberate friends from the cult.   Better texts are available, author Ed Decker is one that I recommend.
"A judicious investigation, and Short puts forward a devastating case for the prosecution...   He produces a persuasive testimony that Freemasonry has become a scourge and a disease in jobs in the public service.   He cites some fascinating and entirely creditable examples of Masonic skullduggery - and of Brother ranged viciously against Brother...   It is difficult to dispute Short's conclusion that disclosure of their Masonic membership by those in positions of power should be obligatory"

"When the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee recently recommended that police officers, magistrates, judges and crown officers should publicly register their Masonic membership, it was very largely thanks to the ammunition provided by Martin Short's investigative tour de force.   His "Inside the Brotherhood" carried on the pioneering work begun by Stephen Knight's explosive account "The Brotherhood".

Approximately half a million men in the British Isles - another five million around the world - are Freemasons.   "Inside the Brotherhood" examines what kind of men join the Craft - and why.   It investigates the occult elements in Masonry, whether its rituals should be seen as a religion - and, if so, what god is being worshipped.   And, relying on first-hand evidence wherever possible, the book probes the extent to which the Masonic oaths of mutual aid and secrecy have contaminated the fraternity, aroused mounting hostility from churches, politicians and public, and provoked charges of corruption in key areas of British life, including the police force, local government, the City, and the secret services."

Customer Comments
A reader from Massachusetts , August 23, 1998
The book that is forcing the British House of Commons to act
The 1996-97 Session the Home Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons, published "Freemasonry in the Police and the Judiciary: Volume I" with a recomendation that, "police officers, magistrates, judges, and crown prosecutors should be required to register membership of any secret society and that the record should be available publicly."   This first step to control Masonic corruption in government can be credited in part to the Martin Short's book "Inside the Brotherhood" and Stephen Knight's book "The Brotherhood".    Required reading for anyone interested in understanding the institutionalised corruption of Freemasonry's good-old-boy network.
"Valuable testimony... impressively researched...  He most certainly has not been wasting his time"
Richard Kelly, The Guardian

"Top on the list of prohibited subjects is Freemasonry...  A barrier of secrecy surounds it.   It has been breached in several places by Stephen Knight...    Some of my best friends are Freemasons.   I wish they would read this book... a revelation"

Book Description
What does it mean to be 'On the Square'?   700,00 Freemasons, all male, probably make the largest secret society in Britain today.   What exactly are they?    Why are they so incredibly secretive?   Is Freemasonry a positive, charitable organization which incorporates a certain amount of harmless mumbo-jumbo, or does it in fact represent something more sinister?

Stephen Knight's impartial - but highly controversial - investigation addresses these vital questions and asks:
Freemasons are all bound to silence, but now some of them have felt impelled to break ranks and reveal part of the truth...

From the Author

STEPHEN KNIGHT is a London-based journalist with books of fiction and nonfiction to his credit.   The Brotherhood created front-page headlines in Britain, where it was a national bestseller.

Customer Comments
A reader from Massachusetts , January 3, 1999
An investigative report on modern Freemasonry.  A great introduction into Freemasonry laying the foundation for works like "Inside the Brotherhood" by Martin Short and "In God's Name" by David Yall.

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