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Symbols of Freemasonry Symbols of Freemasonry
by Daniel Beresniak, Laziz Hamani
Beautifully illustrated, this book is extremely well done.   I would recommend this book to anyone belonging to or interested in the Masonic fraternity.   It becomes more interesting in that it is a translation of work originally written by a French Mason and therefore portions are unfamiliar to those of us familiar with Freemasonry in the U.S. Again the illustrations are splendid and would be worthy without the text.   The thoughtful description of the Fraternity only adds to the value of this most intersting explanation of Masonic allegory and symbology.
The Origins of Freemasonry The Origins of Freemasonry:
Scotland's Century, 1590-1710

by David Stevenson
The origins of freemasonry are traced to Scotland in this account of the creation of an international movement through a blending of medieval mythology and late Renaissance intellectual influences.

Customer Comments
A reader from Silvana, Washington , September 27, 1998
Excellent factual history !!!   This book is the real deal.    Stevenson looks for and reports his work regarding the history of Fremasonry. Very scholarly and very interesting.   I would like to spend time with this author as this book is very thought provoking.   I agree with Stevenson, his work has made me appriciate Masonry all the more. Well done.
A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry:
Their Rites, Literature, and History

by Arthur Edward Waite
Looks at the history, literature, and myths surrounding Freemasonry, providing comprehensive explanations of their secret rituals and symbolism and discussions of alchemy, astrology, Kabalism, ceremonial magic, and more.
Waite provides a complete view of the history, literature, and myths surrounding Freemasonry.   Comprehensive explanations are included of their secret rituals and symbolism, such as alchemy, astrology, Kabbalism, ceremonial magic, and animal magnetism.

Customer Comments
A reader from Milwaukee, WI , June 11, 1999
A overly verbose and complex book which is hard to penetrate
The author uses extremely verbose and archaic language in presenting the material which makes in almost impossible to penetrate.   The alphabetic arrangement of the material (since it is an encyclopedia) naturally makes it difficult to present the information in a digestible order, but even given this constraint one would expect something a little less dense.   I would not recommend the work to anybody.

A reader from United States , May 30, 1999
This book is generally unreadable.   This book is very difficult to read and understand.   It would seem the author is more interested in forming complex word groups using obscure and outdated words than in having the readers understand the material.
The History of Freemasonry The History of Freemasonry:
The Legendary Origins
by Albert Gallatin Mackey
An in-depth study of one of the world's most controversial and secretive organizations traces the history of Freemasonry, from its founding in ancient biblical times to the present; profiles some of its leading members; and discusses its rituals and tenets.

Customer Comments
A reader from Pennsylvania, USA , June 1, 1999
It Wasn't Supposed To Answer The Question...   To those who were disappointed at not receiving the answer to the unanswerable: We have not succeeded in answering all your problems.   The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions.   In some ways, we feel we are as confused as ever, but we believe that we are confused on a higher level and about more important things.

A reader from Pennsylvania , January 1, 1999
Mackey still has a place among Masonic scholars.
Note that I have always seen the spelling of the author's name in all lower case i.e. Mackey.

Brother John Nagy from PA , December 9, 1998
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED   This book was a truly enchanting read.   I thought that Brother Mackey's dissection of what is legend and what is fact was remarkable.   You can tell by reading this book that a tremendous amount of research went into his works.   Bro. Mackey takes the various manuscripts and theories that were written since the conception of the Craft and ingeniously and deliberately uncovers there true meanings.   A true work of art for the Masonic Student...

A reader from USA , December 4, 1998
Not a history but a compilation of legends
It is true that this book delves into every single known legend concerning the origin of Freemasonry and concludes that each and every one is unprovable.   It is also true that the author's style of writing is victorian and dated.   The binding is also eye catching and makes the book look bizarre.

But, this book does have a useful value to those interested in Freemasonry.    While it does say that no evidence can be found to support any of the legends of the origins of "The Craft", it does manage to list all the known legends and recount them in detail.   Consequently, the book is useful as a compilation of legends, which were created by individuals at different places and times to suit different purposes.

"The History of Freemasonry" is a misnomer.   It should be entitiled, "Legends of the Origins of Freemasonry."

As a compilation of all known legends, it is a reasonable reference.   But, it certainly has nothing to do with the true origins of Freemasonry now accepted by scholars.

A reader from Yale University , September 25, 1998
An odd insider's history
For anyone interested in how the Masons view themselves, this book is a valuable resource.    It is most certainly not a factual history, but the myths are just important to anyone seriously studying Masonic history.   At the very least, it adds a handsome and esotrtic-looking volume to your shelf.

A reader from NEW YORK, USA , May 30, 1998
This book looks GREAT on the outside -- the covers and the binding are truly beautiful...Unfortunately, that's just about its strongest point.   The title of this book should be: "What Freemasonry is NOT"; instead of presenting what Freemasonry is, how it started, and what it actually is, the author devotes 500+ pages and 30+ chapters to presenting 30+ theories of the origin of Freemasonry AND THEN goes on to explain how EACH of these theories, one by one, is flawed, wrong, or otherwise inaccurate.    I started reading the book with a clear question in mind: "What is Freemasonry and where did it start?".   When I finished the book, I was no better off than when I started.   The book does a wonderful job of confusing, confounding, clouding, and misinforming, which is really a shame, because I had heard that Mackey was supposed to be quite an authority on Masonic History.   Overall, a big waste, and written in archaic language, too.
The Meaning of Masonry The Meaning of Masonry
by W. L. Wilmhurst

Hardcover (1996)


The papers here collected have been written with a view to promoting the deeper understanding of the meaning of Masonry; to providing the explanation of it that one constantly hears called for.   The meaning of Masonry, however, is a subject usually left entirely unexpounded and that accordingly remains largely unrealized by its members save such few as make it their private study.   It seems taken for granted that reception into the Order will automatically be accompanied by an ability to appreciate forthwith and at its full value all that one there finds. The contrary is the case, for Masonry is a veiled and cryptic expression of the difficult science of spiritual life, and the understanding of it calls for special and informed guidance on the one hand, and on the other a genuine and earnest desire for knowledge on the part of those seeking to be instructed. Contents: The Position and Possibilities of the Masonic Order; Deeper Symbolism of Freemasonry; Masonry as a Philosophy; Further Notes on Craft Symbolism; The Form of the Lodge; Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem; Freemasonry in Relation to the Ancient Mysteries.

Customer Comments
A reader from Old Hamptonian Lodge , October 3, 1998
Essential for Freemasons with a mystical view of the Craft.  Written in the 1920's, the writer interprets Masonic ritual and mythology in a deeply mystical light, positing the Craft as a spiritual system.   Its style can appear dated and overly tinged with the theosophical influences of its era, but it rewards in the end.   For those masons who prefer not to see the Craft in such a way, this book can be startling, but for those who are truly "speculative" it provides a sane and informed perspective.   If you view Masonry simply as an ethical dining club, this is not for you!   Otherwise, an important classic of its type.
Freemasonry in the 21st Century Freemasonry in the 21st Century
by Don Bradley, Linda Darger
In its third printing and second edition, this is now considered the definitive book on the subject of Masonry and winner of two awards.
The author , January 24, 1997
Mystical treatise on ancient and modern Initation schools.  An in-depth study of the practices and rituals necessary to advance through the first three Initiations of Freemasonry.   Not a historical piece, but a clairvoyant blow-by-blow of how the rituals are structured and their effects upon the inner bodies of the candidate.

About the Author
Don Bradley is the author of several books, has several degrees, and is a former journalist as well as a student of the mysteries of our world.   His fiction and non-fiction books are in publication in over 14 languages worldwide and he lectures often on the themes of his books.

The publisher, Native Planet Publishing , January 26, 1997
Now in its 2nd printing, its THE guide for Initiation.  So complete and detailed is this book regarding the rituals and rites of the secret degrees of Freemasonry, that masonic scholars and leaders from the world over have lauded its publication.  We intend to keep this book in print for years.

Customer Comments
A reader from Las Vegas, NV , April 26, 1999
One of the best books ever written upon the subject.  This guy has eyes to see.    It shows in the writing.

A reader from San Diego, CA , March 31, 1999
Stunning A Masterwork of the highest caliber.  Well written and full of interesting research into areas few people can delve into with any skill, author Bradley reveals sides of Masonry that has, until now, yet to be revealed about this most mystic world of secret societies.  A MUST READ

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