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The Congressional Medal of Honor
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0766010260_m.gif (13427 bytes) Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
(Collective Biographies)

Kieran Doherty
Library Binding (1998)

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Medal of Honor
(Seals - The Warrior Breed, No 5)

Jay Riker
Paperback (1997)

9996112713_m.gif (12215 bytes) For Conspicuous Gallantry...
Winners of the Medal of Honor

Donald E. Cooke, Jack Woodson
Hardcover (1996)

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A Shower of Stars:
The Medal of Honor and the 27th Maine

John J. Pullen
Hardcover (1997)

Medal of Honor Recipients 1863-1994
George Lang,
Raymond L. Collins,
Gerard White
Hardcover (1995)

Heroes of Our Time:
239 Men of the Vietnam War Awarded the Medal of Honour 1964-1972
Kenneth N. Jordan
Hardcover (1995)

The Presidential Medal of Freedom:
Winners and Their Achievements
Bruce Wetterau
Hardcover (1996)

Forgotten Heroes:
131 Men of the Korean War Awarded the Medal of Honor 1950-1953
Kenneth N. Jr. Jordan
Hardcover (1995)

The Exclusion of Black Soldiers from the Medal of Honor in World War II:
The Study Commissioned by the United States Army to Investigate Racial Bias in the Awarding of the Nation's Highest Military Decoration
Elliott V. Converse, Daniel K. Gibran
Library Binding (1997)

War Heroes
Kent Delong
Hardcover (1993)

Medal of Honor:
Aviators of World War One
Alan E. Durkota
Paperback ( 1998)

The Soldiers Medal:
A History of the US Army's Highest Award for Non Combat Valor
Frederic L. Borch, William R. Westlake
Paperback (1994)

Yesterday's Heroes:
433 Men of World War II Awarded the Medal of Honor 1941-1945
Kenneth N. Sr. Jordan
Hardcover (1996)

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