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Lt. Colonel Oliver North

oliver north                 Col. Oliver North                 oliver north

The great American fall-guy Colonel Oliver North refused to answer questions by US elected representatives about his actions in the sales of weapons to Iran in March 1986.  The sale of arms became famous as the Contra Affair.

Oliver North          George Shultz           Poindexter

The US Foreign Affairs Committee called Col. North, US Secretary of State George Shultz and National Security Adviser Vice Admiral John Poindexter to testify as to their knowledge of the arms trading.  Col. North used the Fifth Amendment to refuse questions.  It was acknowledged that probably his biggest mistake was that he got caught doing it.

McFarlane             Reagan

Former National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane told the committee that President Ronald Reagan gave his authorisation for "small levels of arms to Iran for the purpose of strengthening elements against terrorism".
Source The AP - Associated Press, 8 December 1986.

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