United States and British Military

Regulation Dress Swords

These are the regulation dress swords issued to officers of the U.S. and British Armed Forces, each built to the most exacting military specifications by the official U.S. and British Government contractor.
The high-carbon steel blades are superbly tempered and deeply etched with the insignia of the relevant branch of the Military.
Hilts are plated in precious metals, while the steel scabbards are impeccably finished.

British Generalīs Sword British Generalīs Sword

British Royal Navy sword British Royal Navy Sword

British Infantry Sword British Infantry Sword

U.S Marines Sword U.S Marines Sword

U. S Marines N.C.O Sword U. S Marines N.C.O Sword

U.S Army Sword U.S Army Sword

U.S Navy Sword U.S Navy Sword

West Point Sword West Point Sword

U. S Air Force Academy Sword U. S Air Force Academy Sword

Civil War Sabre Civil War Sabre


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