What Are the Best Lightweight Racing Seats for a Subaru BRZ for Improved Comfort and Support?

Choosing the right racing seat for your Subaru BRZ is a critical decision. After all, seats are not just about comfort— they’re about performance, safety, and enhancing your driving experience. While there are numerous options available, we have narrowed down the best lightweight racing seats for you. Our choices will provide optimal support and comfort, boosting the car’s interior aesthetics, and ensuring top-notch fitment.

Sparco’s Elite Series Seats: High-End Comfort and Support

As a frontrunner in the world of racing seats, Sparco sets the bar high with its Elite series seats.

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Sparco’s Elite series seats are renowned for their superior comfort and support. Manufactured using carbon fiber and Kevlar materials, these seats are incredibly lightweight, yet durable. This high-strength composition ensures excellent support while reducing the overall weight of the vehicle, promoting better performance.

These seats also feature advanced ergonomic design, taking into account the natural contours and shape of the human body. This fits snugly around the driver, offering maximum comfort and minimizing driver fatigue during extended periods of racing.

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Another notable feature of Sparco’s Elite series is its superior fitment. The seats are designed with a quick-release tilt mechanism that allows for easy adjustment, ensuring optimal driving position and enhanced driving experience.

BRAUM Racing’s Elite-X Series Seats: Exceptional Durability and Style

If you’re looking for a blend of style, comfort, and durability, the BRAUM Racing’s Elite-X Series seats won’t disappoint.

The Elite-X Series seats from BRAUM Racing are an excellent upgrade for Subaru BRZ owners. Built from high-grade carbon fiber materials, these seats offer the perfect balance of lightweight construction and strength. This not only enhances the car’s performance but also ensures longevity, resisting wear and tear associated with racing conditions.

The seats also feature a robust design with deep thigh bolsters for improved lateral support. This design holds the driver securely in place, improving safety during high-speed maneuvers.

Furthermore, BRAUM’s attention to detail is evident in the aesthetic appeal of the Elite-X Series. With their sleek, racing-inspired design and high-quality stitching, these seats will undoubtedly elevate the interior of your Subaru BRZ.

Bride’s Racing Seats: Lightweight and Superior Fitment

Bride, a reputable Japanese brand, offers racing seats that are hard to overlook when considering upgrades for your Subaru BRZ.

Bride’s racing seats stand out for their exceptional lightness, thanks to the use of premium-grade carbon fiber and Kevlar. Despite their lightweight structure, these seats are incredibly strong, offering excellent support and resistance to wear and tear.

What sets Bride seats apart is their superior fitment. They are designed with a ‘low max’ system that allows for minimalistic design and lower positioning, ensuring a lower center of gravity for improved handling.

The seats also provide excellent comfort and support with their unique, ergonomic design. The shape of the seat conforms to the driver’s body, minimizing fatigue during long races and ensuring maximum control.

The Classic Sparco Gen Series: Tried and True Performance

If you’re a fan of classic designs, the Sparco Gen Series might be the perfect fit for your Subaru BRZ.

The Sparco Gen Series is a testament to the brand’s enduring quality and performance. Built from a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar, these seats offer lightweight construction without compromising durability. This makes them an excellent choice for drivers who seek improved performance and vehicle handling.

The Gen Series seats feature a classic design that integrates high bolsters for exceptional lateral support during aggressive driving maneuvers. They also come with an ergonomic design that fits the natural contours of the body for enhanced comfort.

Despite their classic design, the Gen Series seats offer advanced fitment features, including an adjustable backrest and a quick-release tilt mechanism. This allows for easy adjustments to the driving position, optimizing comfort and control.

Civic Racing’s Carbon Fiber Seats: Budget-Friendly and Versatile

For budget-conscious Subaru BRZ drivers, Civic Racing’s carbon fiber seats offer affordability without compromising on performance and comfort.

Civic Racing’s carbon fiber seats are designed with high-quality materials that offer strength and durability. These seats are lightweight, thanks to the carbon fiber construction, enhancing the car’s performance by reducing overall weight.

Despite their affordability, these seats do not compromise on comfort and support. They feature a unique ergonomic design that molds to the driver’s body, reducing fatigue during long races.

Moreover, Civic Racing’s carbon fiber seats boast excellent fitment, with adjustable features to ensure the optimal driving position. The seats blend well with the Subaru BRZ interior, offering a touch of sleek, racing-inspired design.

Overall, choosing the best lightweight racing seat for your Subaru BRZ depends on various factors, including your budget, style preference, and performance needs. But whether you opt for Sparco, BRAUM, Bride, or Civic Racing seats, you’re likely to find a seat that offers improved comfort, support, and car performance.

Corbeau’s Sportline RRS Racing Seats: Optimum Safety and Design

For Subaru BRZ drivers who prioritize safety without compromising on design, Corbeau’s Sportline RRS racing seats offer the perfect solution.

Corbeau, a reliable brand in the automotive industry, is known for its innovative safety features and eye-catching designs. The Sportline RRS racing seats from Corbeau are no exception. Built with a carbon kevlar and injection molded foam, these seats are lightweight and incredibly durable.

The standout feature of Corbeau’s Sportline RRS seats is the reinforced bucket seat design. This design wraps around the driver, providing optimum support and reducing the risk of injury during high-speed races. Moreover, the bucket seat style enhances the sporty look of your Subaru BRZ, adding a touch of elegance and performance.

Another impressive aspect of these seats is their reclining mechanism. Unlike traditional racing seats, Corbeau’s Sportline RRS seats come with an advanced reclining system that allows for quick adjustments, ensuring the most comfortable driving position.

Cipher Auto’s CPA1018 Series Seats: Affordable Quality and Performance

If performance and affordability top your list, then Cipher Auto’s CPA1018 series seats are worth considering.

Cipher Auto’s CPA1018 series seats provide quality and performance similar to high-end brands. Despite their budget-friendly price, these seats are made from high-quality carbon fiber and molded foam, ensuring lightweight and durable construction.

The CPA1018 series features a distinctive bucket seat design which offers maximum support and comfort during high-speed races. This design, combined with the sleek look of the seats, enhances the overall appeal of your Subaru BRZ’s interior.

The seats also come with a reclining mechanism, allowing for easy adjustments to find the perfect driving position. This adjustment feature enhances comfort, reduces fatigue and improves handling, making the CPA1018 series an excellent choice for Subaru BRZ owners.


Subaru BRZ owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to lightweight racing seats. Whether you prefer the high-end comfort and support of Sparco’s Elite series, the exceptional durability and style of BRAUM Racing’s Elite-X series, the superior fitment of Bride’s racing seats, the classic performance of Sparco’s Gen series, the affordable versatility of Civic Racing’s carbon fiber seats, the safety-focused Corbeau’s Sportline RRS, or the affordable quality of Cipher Auto’s CPA1018 series, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, the best racing seat for your Subaru BRZ should not only be lightweight and durable but also provide optimum support, comfort, and fitment. It should also integrate seamlessly with your car’s interior and match your style. So, weigh your options carefully and make the most informed decision. After all, the right racing seat can dramatically enhance your driving experience and give you that competitive edge on the track.

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