Charles Schulz's death hasn't had much effect on the value of Peanuts-related recordings. However, Peanuts original art is highly collectible


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Charles Shulz Peanuts Original Art

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Has the Peanuts Collectibles Market Changed?

Dear Chatelaine's Antiques,
 I have a record album, He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown! It's in the original plastic, unopened, with the read-along book inside. With Charles Schulz's passing, is this worth something?

 Dear J.M.,
This is one of a series of five Disneyland discs.

Legend's passing has little <br>impact on record collectible.
Legend's passing has little
impact on record collectible.

Charles Schulz's death hasn't had much effect on the value of Peanuts-related recordings. Perfect copies of this record are worth about $20. It might go for that, or a bit more, since it's still sealed.

 A quick check of eBay shows they are available for between $9 and $16 (depending on condition).

 However, the market for original art by Charles Shulz is highly collectible!

The Snoopy Double Feature (He's Your Dog/It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown) (1968) is available new to USA and Canada customers

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