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Museum H.R. Giger

The Museum HR Giger is located in the medieval Château St. Germain in Gruyères, Switzerland. The museum is the permanent home to many of Giger's works including his paintings and sculptures, furniture and film designs. The museum also houses Giger's own art collection and Giger curates exhibitions of other artist's work.

The HR Giger Tarot
This collectable group of beautifully designed Tarot cards is available in a handsome boxed set containing 22 Tarot cards, a poster with card laying plan and a booklet of instructions with about 60 illustrations.
Each card is a careful reproduction of one of Giger's paintings, and is interpreted by philosopher-magician Akron in a booklet of instructions, included with the set.
To Akron Tarot is like an inexhaustible mine of symbols, suited to manifest Giger's aesthetics of apocalypse in literary style. Akron resorts to the tradition of the Tarot in order to convey the messages of Baphomet - a medieval secret symbol -- which is of special significance in Giger's work. 

Museum H.R. Giger, Switzerland

H.R. Giger is a painter, Oscar-award winner and cult figure of an international artistic community, for which his aesthetics of the apocalypse represent inspiration and spiritual healing.
His pictures are gripping, indeed sometimes shocking visions - they shake us from our unconsciousness as they relentlessly point to the hidden inner world of all things.
The art of Giger is a journey to the most ancient destination of mankind: to birth and death, love and war, hope and the destruction of life.



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