One of my dreams is to have an antiques business. I've been considering renting a booth at an antique flea market to start, as I now have a garage full of miscellaneous antiques from our recent inheritance. However, I'm not sure of the worth of most of the things I have. I've been looking around on the Internet, and learned a little  but don't feel like I have enough knowledge to be successful. Do you know where I can educate myself about antiques and the antique business


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Feigen unearths more than a few skeletons
Feigen unearths more
than a few skeletons
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In Tales from the Art Crypt, Richard Feigen, a veteran of nearly 50 years as an art dealer, offers not a conventional memoir but rather a series of highly polished anecdotes adding up to an illuminating dissection of art-world practice and politics.

The opening chapter, aptly titled "Detective Stories," makes attributing an old master painting or unearthing a forgotten portrait of Thomas Jefferson as exciting as a murder mystery.

Feigen's acid comments on the provincialism of his hometown, Chicago, explain his relocation to New York in the mid-1960s.  His depictions of fellow dealers like Leo Castelli and Sam Salz are amusingly candid without seeming mean-spirited; affectionate portrayals of collectors such as Morton and Rose Neumann are equally vivid.

Also memorable is a juicy account of his stint on the board of the Barnes Foundation, whose decision to deaccession works and permit a traveling exhibit of fragile paintings he deplores.

Feigen, who has studied and sold everything from surrealist works and pop art to 17th-century Italian paintings, displays an infectious zest for art as both aesthetic pursuit and business.

His comments on the conflicts between museum directors and their newly revenue-conscious boards of trustees explain much about the increasing commercialization of once scholarly institutions. His delightful book fulfills the mission museums once took for granted: to entertain and educate.

by Wendy Smith 

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Tales from the Art Crypt: The Painters, the Museums, the Curators, the Collectors, the Auctions, the Art
by Richard Feigen, Alfred Knopf publisher.

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