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Collecting Twentieth-Century Painting A Guide and Timeline Perspective
20th-Century Art

It was in San Francisco, at one of our recent appraisal clinics. I was working my way through a mix of interesting and, well, not-so-interesting paintings -- brought in by people of all ages and backgrounds, all eager to know what their works might fetch at auction.

A young couple stepped forward. He was holding a poorly framed Picasso poster -- not a fine print, mind you, but a cheap reproduction you might find at the mall. I drew a breath and tried to think of a nice way to let them down easy. But before I could speak, the woman said, "We're not here about the poster. It's just protecting something we'd like you to see."

The man set the frame down, and I gently opened it. There, between the back matte and the poster, lay a beautiful little pastel by Edwin Siegfried, an obscure painter of California landscapes.

I was more than intrigued. "Where did you find this?"

"At a neighborhood garage sale," replied the woman. "We paid five dollars for it."

It was five dollars very well invested, as it turns out. For soon after, we auctioned the Siegfried pastel for $2,500. Not only did this sale deliver a tidy nest egg to the struggling newlyweds, but it also allowed another collector to own an appealing 20th-Century landscape, at a relatively affordable price.


G. Favre - Source Parot (Lithograph)

Source Parot (Lithograph)
G. Favre
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