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A Personalized Service
While appraisals of art and antiques have long been a part of the offline auction world, online auction users have never had such easy and inexpensive access to such valuable information. The personalized and tailored information will add a human touch to an otherwise automated system. As part of its end-to-end services for auction buyers and sellers, eBay will offer the Chatelaine's Antiques products and services. Sellers will be able to integrate a digital appraisal certificate into their listing pages to show potential buyers that an objective, third-party specialist has evaluated the item. Buyers can query an expert about the accuracy of a description and bidding level of an item they're interested in purchasing.

About Chatelaine's Antiques
Chatelaine's Antiques is the most comprehensive source for fast, accurate, and objective identification and valuation of art, antiques, and collectibles. The company's network of more than 750 experts are specialists and authorities in 300 different categories ranging from English furniture to collectible lunchboxes, modern lithographs to vintage toys, art glass to Stickley furniture, antique photographs to Asian art. Chatelaine's Antiques helps novice and experienced collectors discover the value and history of their items, or items they're thinking about buying at online auctions or retail sites. For people interested in selling in an online auction, the company can integrate an appraisal certificate into a user's online auction listing page. Chatelaine's Antiques also features a buyer-specific service called Second Opinion, which helps buyers learn more about an item for sale and its value. Chatelaine's Antiques also offers unique editorial content covering all areas of collecting, including fine art, furniture and decorative arts, collectibles, tips and trends about the market, and insights about caring for your treasures.

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