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Meeting ground for Internet buyers and bricks and mortar auctioneers

How do traditional auctioneers set up shop online?, a leading Web portal to the auction community is designed to facilitate this process. The site also offers valuable information for buyers, including a state-of-the-art search feature.

Auction sites have stuff. Auctioneers guarantee what they sell. And buyers want both. and its related sites help traditional auctioneers get on the Web and let buyers find what they want whether sold in cyberspace or in an auction house in Missouri.

USAWeb's goal is to "bridge the gap between traditional and online auctions," says Matthew Lengfelder, Director of Business Development for all of USAWeb's sites. One of these sites, the Internet Auction List (IAL), contains an extensive list of bricks-and-mortar auction houses around the world and auction sites on the Internet.

"In terms of traditional auctions, we get auctioneers a web site," says Lengfelder. "Or, if they have a web site, we help them refine it through design and provide software for recording inventory and moving it through each stage of the consignment and sales process." Through partnerships with State Auctioneer Associations, JBS Software, and, their sales are listed automatically in the IAL Auction Calendar.

"Over 2,000 traditional auctioneers are actively using our services," says Lengfelder.

While auctioneers spread the word about their sites and sales through the Internet Auction List, USAWeb provides services for online buyers and sellers through AuctionTalk. This site offers image hosting, auction counters, shipping tools, auction industry news, and articles about collecting. It also provides message boards so people within the auction community can compare notes and keep up with what's happening online.

And in a unique service, AuctionTalk has partnered with BiddersEdge to create AuctionFind, a search program that scours both traditional auctions in the IAL Calendar and online auction sites to locate an item. For USAWeb, AuctionFind is another piece of the bridge between traditional and online auctions.

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