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Combining expert advice with a state-of-the-art system of card valuations, Beckett's The Official Price Guide to Baseball Cards is the source to find the most current prices for baseball cards.

Honus Wagner Baseball Card

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The Leading Sourcebook for Baseball Cards!
  Beckett's baseball cards 2002The Official Price Guide to Baseball Cards 2002Ė2003 features easy-to-use, alphabetical set listings from all baseball card manufacturers from 1948 to the present, current market values for full sets and individual cards, plus an introductory analysis of card collecting, thus enhancing the userís research and understanding of baseball card collecting. Written by Dr. James Beckett, the foremost authority on baseball cards, this book is the definitive guide to baseball card collecting.
* More than 290,000 prices listed
* Manufacturers include Bowman, Donruss/Playoff, Fleer, Topps, and Upper Deck
* Professional advice on buying, selling, caring for, and storing cards
* Portable size to use at home or on the road
* Unique check boxes to mark off cards as you collect



Beckett's Baseball Card Monthly Magazine
Baseball Card Monthly from MAGAZINES.com
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Covers the superstars of baseball and baseball card collecting. Insightful articles, great action photographs, tips on card collecting and a readers' forum. Plus, the hobby's best Price Guide for baseball cards.

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Beckett's baseball cards 2002The Official 2002-2003 Price Guide to Baseball Cards

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