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  Comics collectors wait all year for the updated versions of the most valuable industry tool - the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Comic Collecting and Information Right At Your Fingertips, 2002
I have been an on again/off again/on again type of collector. I started collecting back in the mid 70's when I really didn't know what/how to collect (age 9). Sometime in the early 80's, I found a book that had information within, that explained some of the confusion about collecting. The book explained what type of comics were worth collecting (aka pricing) and explained (in the best terms of that time) how a collector should properly care for the comics in their collection. It also explained how a comics condition could be determined. There were also articles relating to the authors/writers/inkers/publishers of the comics I was collecting. The name of that book was the Overstreet Price Guide. The # was 13. What caught my eye initially about the book was that it had my favorite superhero on the cover (Superman) and there were many pictures of some of the most expensive comic books.

Throughout the years, the Overstreet price guide has reflected well upon the different aspects of comic collecting. With issue #31, the Overstreet Price Guide reflected upon the newer standard of grading. It mentioned a little about CGC and predicted that CGC would not die out, but become a better stronghold in the industry. With CGC, a person could command a better price for their collected memory. With e-Bay starting to show some of the sales in the market, CGC was a natural for online reliablility.

There were other articles in the book as well. Wonderwoman and the Fantastic Four had their history explained. There were articles about Murphy Anderson, the story of Palmer Cox, information about Bendis, information about 1st appearances, crossovers, and so much more.

Yes, the Price Guide is about pricing, but it covers many other areas of collecting. It has so much information to the point that it is a collectible in and of itself. A collector that doesn't consider investment potential, is a foolish collector in my opinion. Yes, a person should purchase a comic because it has some meaning to them. I buy for the stories/art, or pivotal meaning, but in a day and age where layoffs happen to someone you know everywhere in the country, or other hardships occur that could be eased by the knowledge that this book could provide (which issues might be profitable over the long run), it makes sense to understand the importance of what you collect.

The price guide is but a tool. If all you buy the book for is for the pricing, then I would suggest it might not be the book for you. If you are a true collector though, a great deal of information lies at your fingertips when you own this book. One of the best features that I like about it, is that the price guide lists dealers.

Without this book, I would have to go to great efforts to find a store that I can buy rare comics from. Just recently, I purchased Action Comics #17 from Metropolis Comics. Would I have known where to find this without the price guide? Possibly. But what effort would I have had to go through? Within a week, I had located a copy. I tried looking everywhere in my own hometown. NOBODY had one available within a 4 city radius.

I say that there is a reason many people consider this book, "The BIBLE of the comic book industry."

Reviewer: A reader from Holiday, FL United States



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