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Early Paper Money of America:
An Illustrated, Historical & Descriptive Compilation of Data Relating to American Paper Currency from Its Inception

Eric Newman

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money:
Specialized Issues

Albert Pick, Neil Shafer, Colin Bruce

Collecting Coins for Beginners

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coin collecting One-Minute Coin Expert
Scott Travers
Paperback (1998)

Coin and Stamp Collectors' Electronic Album:
Computerize Your Collections With This Introduction to Using Your PC for Your Hobbies
Mark Rose, Gordon White
Paperback Book & Cd-Rom (1996)

coin collecting Coins and Minting
Denis Cooper
Paperback (1999)

(Interpreting the Past Series)
Andrew Burnett
Paperback (1991)

coin collecting Coins Question and Answer
Clifford Mishler
Paperback (1993)

Collecting Coins
Fred Schwan

coin collecting How to Make Money in Coins Right Now
Scott Travers
Paperback (1996)

The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Numismatics
Scott Carlton
Hardcover (1996)

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coin collecting The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit
John Dannreuther, Scott Travers
Paperback (1997)

Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals
Gerhard Welter
Hardcover (1976)

coin collecting Coin Clinic:
1,001 Frequently Asked Questions
Alan Herbert
Paperback (1995)

Observations on the Practice of Counterfeiting Coins
Lymcn Low
Paperback (1979)

coin collecting Traver's Top 88 Coins over $100
Scott Travers
Paperback (1998)

Planning Your Rare Coin Retirement:
How to Select a $10,000 Rare Coin Portfolio Full of Growth Potential
David Ganz
Paperback (1998)

coin collecting Warman's Coins & Currency
Allen Berman, Alex Malloy
Paperback (1996)

The Collector's Guide
Joseph Lamagna Paperback (1997)

coin collecting World of Coins and Coin Collecting
David Ganz
Hardcover (1998)

The Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting:
An Introductory Guide to the World of Coins
Kenneth Bressett
Paperback (1999)

coin collecting World's Best Coin Tricks
Bob Longe
Paperback (1993)

Clipped Coins Abused Words and Civil Government:
John Locks Philosophy of Money
Constantine George Caffentzis
Hardcover (1989)

coin collecting The Coin Collector's Survival Manual:
An Indispensable Guide for Collectors and Investors
Scott Travers
Paperback (1996)

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Collecting Paper Money
Fred Schwan

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Modern Issues
Neil Shafer

Confederate States Paper Money
Arlie Slabaugh

Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money
Robert Wilhite