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G. Heck - Coin Press 1851
Coin Press 1851
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Australian Pre-Decimal Coins

Australian Pre-Decimal Coins

Collecting Australian pre-decimal coins is an interesting hobby and a sound investment in Australia's past and future.  Each page shows the numbers of coins issued in each year, where they were made (minted), any mint marks, and the condition & price you can expect to pay from Chatelaine's Antiques.

View our pages featuring Australian pre-decimal coins ~ Half-Penny, Penny, Three Pence, Six Pence, Shilling, Florin, Commemorative Florin and Crown

To order send an email or fill out this form to reserve your coins, telling us which year, denomination and condition of the coins you require.  We will hold this coin for you until payment arrives in Australian currency (by cheque or money order made to Chatelaine's Antiques) at PO Box 311, Wingham, NSW, Australia, 2429.  All coins are genuine and have a 14 day money back guarantee.

Chatelaine's Antiques has been collecting and trading coins since 1967 and uses the following system to grade the condition of our coins ~ a system used world-wide.
Unc = Uncirculated   EF = Extremely Fine   VF = Very Fine  F = Fine
VG = Very Good    G = Good   P = Poor

We also deal in Australian decimal coins, tokens & medallions.
Our World pages feature coins from United Kingdom  &   EuropeAfrica,   AsiaNew Zealand & the Pacific and the USA.

Chatelaine's Antiques is constantly seeking to trade, buy and sell collectable coins from around the world ~ send us your want lists and your spares lists here.

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Diderot - Coining XI
Coining XI
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