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French Foreign Legion ~  French Legionnaires

The French Foreign Legion (regiments estrangers) were units in the French army enlisted from nationalities other than French.     These pre-1953 Regiment Badges are available for purchase:

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The Legion consisted mainly of Germans, Hungarians, British and Belgians. The French Foreign Legion was employed in France’s territories, particularly in North Africa and earned a reputation for courage, daring and toughness. When the French Colonial Empire dissolved, the Legion were stationed mostly in Marseilles, Corsica, in the Republic of Malagasy and on Tahiti.

The French Foreign Legion Today
(Europa Militaria, No 10)

Yves Debay
Paperback (1992)

Roman Legions Recreated
in Colour Photographs
(Europa Militaria, Special, Vol 2)

Daniel Peterson
Paperback (1992)

French Legionnaires enamelled regiment insignia badges and cloth rank badges, pre-1953 issue, numerous styles illustrated $50 each.
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